93rd Oscars Onstage Speech Transcript: DOCUMENTARY (SHORT SUBJECT)

SPEECH BY: Anthony Giacchino and Alice Doyard



Thank you to the Academy. I hope the actors in the room don't mind that I have something written down here because there are all different kinds of people in the Academy. Today is Colette’s birthday. She was born just 22 days before the very first Oscars in 1929. So I imagine it must have been a crowd probably about this big, right, you know. When she . . . when we got nominated, she told us that, or she reminded us that the power of documentary filmmaking assured that her brother Jean-Pierre was, as she put it, no longer lost in the night and fog of the Nazi concentration camp system. And I want to say that I think it's that same power of the documentary storytelling that is going to ensure that the memory, courage and resilience of Latasha Harlins, Horace Bowers, the innocent children of Yemen and the protesters in Hong Kong are not forgotten. I mean, that's why we do this, [applause] why we make these films so thank you, thank you. We're grateful that these stories and these individuals have been honored tonight and I also would like to thank, of course, Colette.  Lucie, I want to thank your amazing EP Peter Hirschmann at Electronic Arts. Everyone at Electronic Arts and Respawn. And Oculus, especially Vince. Dusty and Laura. And our producers, Annie Small and Aaron Matthews. Thank you so much to the guardians, Charlie Phillips, Jess Gormley and Lindsay Poulton. We share, we share this award with you.

And I just add something. This award is a tribute and this film is a tribute to woman everywhere in the world, of any ages, who are joining hands and fight for justice. Vive Colette and vive la France. Thank you, thank you.


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