92nd Oscars Onstage Speech Transcript: MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG)

SPEECH BY: Elton John, Bernie Taupin



Wow, this doesn't suck. I'll be brief. Okay. Thank you, Academy. Fellow nominees, bless you all, congratulations. Paramount Pictures, Jim, you guys have been first class all the way through this. This, needless to say, most of this goes to the people that were involved in "Rocketman." A little bit of this is in every one of their hearts. David Furnish, your tenacity and dedication has driven this train all the way here. Heather Taupin, you have my back 24 hours a day. Your beauty, grace, good humor, just, I love ya, alright. And being here with this guy, I don't even know, I don't have words for it. I mean this is, this is just, justification for 53 years of just hammerin' it out and doing what we do. Thank you all. Charley, Georgey, I love ya. You live here [patting his heart].

I've got to be very quick 'cause we're going over time. Thank you to Bernie, who's been the constant thing in my life. When I was screwed up, when I was normal, he's always been there for me. David, I love you so much. Matthew Vaughn. Taron Egerton, what a performance. Giles Martin, for the music. Matt Still, Greg Kurstin. Everybody involved in "Rocketman." Paramount Pictures, Jim, I mean, just amazing. I'm gonna leave somebody out. Who have I left out? Anyway, I've taken too much time. This is a dream for us. We've never been nominated before for anything like this. Thank you to the Academy. Thank you to my fellow nominees for all the great work you do. There's some amazing talent in this room tonight. And wow. And to my beautiful boys who are watching this in Sydney, Zachary and Elijah, how much do I love you? Love you! Daddy loves you! Bye.


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