92nd Oscars Backstage Interview Transcript: MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG)

SPEECH BY: Music by Elton John; Lyric by Bernie Taupin

FILM: ""(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again" from ROCKETMAN

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Q. Congratulations, Sir Elton. I know you won an Oscar before, and you've been nominated many times for different projects. But what about this particular win, because it was such a personal story, it's your story, what was different about this?
A. (Elton John) This is for him. This is for my partner of 53 years.  Without him, I wouldn't be here. He starts the process. He gives me the lyrics, and then I go ahead. Without the lyrics, I'm nobody. This is the man who started the journey, and we are still together after 53 years. I have one of these already, but I so wanted to get one for everybody involved in the film. We've been -- you know, this film has taken 12 years together.  David, my husband's, been on and on about 12 years trying to get this made. In the endm we got it made the right way, the way we wanted to. But I'm so thrilled for him because I love him so much. And everybody, Taron Egerton is especially -- he should have been, I think, in the -- nominated as one of the best actors, but for me, he was the best performance this year. Thank you.

Q. Sir Elton and Bernie, Angela Bishop from Channel 10, Sydney, Australia where the boys are, and I'm sure they were so proud of you when they saw you get that award.
A. (Elton John) I just FaceTimed them. They're in Australia, and I'll be FaceTiming in the car when I leave. They're so happy. I love them so much. They love their daddy.  They were so excited about the Golden Globes, but this one is -- you know, an award is an award.  But as I say, it's the thing that matters most in my life is I have a wonderful husband and great children and great family and great friends and health. That is the most important thing. But when you work on something for 12 years as a team and you work really hard and you
really -- it comes out the way you want to -- want it to, it's -- this is a nice affirmation.

Q. You are heading to -- you are heading to the 28th Elton John AIDS Foundation celebration tonight.
A. (Elton John) Yeah.

Q. It's going to be one hell of a party.
A. It will be one hell of a party, yeah. I've got to get there soon. So ask him a question.

Q. Bernie, please, what does this mean to you, 53 years working with this guy through, as we saw in the film, the good times and the tough, what's this like for you tonight?
A. (Bernie Taupin) Well, what you see in the film is what you get. I mean, the basic whole underlying storyline in that movie is the real thing.  You know, even though there is fantasy elements to it. The basic theme of the whole movie is love and trust and believing in the person you are working with.  I mean, it's like a marriage, you know? It really is. And one of the things that makes it work is being different, having different lives, leading different lives, and -- but we always come back together for the music, and the music is the thing that has run through the bloodline of our veins ever since we first met. Thank you.

Q. Thank you so much. Congratulations.


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