COVID protocols for the 95th Oscars

Guests Seated in Orchestra or Parterre Levels

As part of our covid safety protocols, and as a guest seated within the Orchestra or Parterre levels at The Dolby, you are required to submit a negative covid test result as you are a part of Zone A of this production. Please see below for details:

Have you tested positive in the last 90 days? If so, please follow the steps below. If not, please continue to the next section:

  • Register with this link first:
  • Once registered, email with your positive lab report or doctors note with a description and timeline of symptoms. If you took an at-home test, please send a picture of the resulted test with a time and date stamp alone with a description and timeline of symptoms.
  • If you email before registering, you will be asked to register causing a delay in the testing exemption process.
  • Once the above steps are completed, if approved, you will not need to test for this show. 

When To Test
You may take your test anytime on either 3/10 or 3/11. You must take and submit your result using the below link within that timeframe.

Submitting Test Results:
Please ensure the test you submit is an approved test type. Approved tests include:

  • Accula tests
  • Abbott tests
  • Lucira tests
  • Cue tests
  • Cepheid tests
  • NAAT, PCR, Lamp tests


Once you have your results, you must submit the result using the link below. The following information must be visible when submitting your test result:

  • Full Name
  • DOB
  • Test Type
  • Test Date
  • Test Result

Link to submit test results:

Once submitted, you will receive an email when your test is approved. If your test is rejected, you will receive details as to why in the rejection email. As you enter the Red Carpet on show day, you will need to display this confirmation to our covid safety team to confirm your clearance.

Guests Seated in Mezzanine Levels
Guests seated in Mezzanine levels are not required to test.

If you have any covid test questions—please reach out to or by calling (501) 710-6830.