Special Collections Photocopying Policy

1.  Limit of 150 pages

Patrons are limited to 150 pages of photocopying from special collections per calendar year.  The Research Archivist may grant co-authors working together on the same project permission to request 150 pages of copying each, provided they are contributing equally to the research being conducted.  Individuals accompanying researchers but not conducting independent research are not entitled to special collections photocopying. 

2.  Not all materials may be photocopied

Requests for photocopying of special collections holdings will be considered only when the duplication can be done without injury to the material and when it is within library policy, and in accordance with donor agreements and copyright restrictions.  For example, screenplays and continuities may not be photocopied, but other script-related items, such as outlines, treatments and script notes, may be copied on a limited basis.  It is important that you study all materials carefully and request photocopies of only those items which are necessary for your research.  We ask that you take notes whenever possible so that items will not be unnecessarily exposed to photocopying.  Keep in mind that the archivists and desk staff are trying to protect the materials, and may on occasion decide that certain items are too fragile to photocopy. 

3.  Cost and time frame

Special collections photocopying is done by a member of the staff, and may take up to six weeks to be completed, depending on the amount requested.  The charge for copies from special collections is 50 cents per 8½ x 11 page.  Oversized items will be charged at $1.00 per page.  Because of high demand and the need for special handling, photocopying of special collections items cannot be completed on a rush basis.

4.  Photocopies are for research use only

All photocopies of unpublished manuscripts materials made by the special collections department are for research use only and will be printed on paper designed to prevent unauthorized reproduction or publication.  Publication-quality copies or photographs of unpublished manuscript materials will be provided only if the request is accompanied by a letter from the copyright holders granting you permission to publish the item being requested.

5.   National Film Information Service

In certain instances, photocopies of special collections material will be made available to researchers outside the Los Angeles area through the National Film Information Service.   The amount of research and copying which can be made available will be decided by NFIS and the special collections department on a case-by-case basis.